April 2 – Individual Meetings, Book History & Textual Scholarship

In class

  • Individual meetings to discuss recovery project proposals.

Readings: (subject to change)

  • Selections from Shillingsburg, Peter L. (1996). Scholarly Editing in the Computer Age: Theory and Practice. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.
  • Selections from Pierazzo, Elena. Digital Scholarly Editing: Theories, Methods, and Models. Routledge: London and NY, 2015.


  • Students will write a short description of the artifact they would like to edit which includes the name of the artifact, a rationale for its selection, the way that the publication of the artifact improves public access, what fields of research would benefit from an edition of the artifact, and a brief overview of the challenges producing an edition of the text may present.
  • Final day to post archive visit reflection blog assignment to course website.