March 5 – TBD

In class

Flash presentations

Readings (due today):

  • Kelleher, Christian. “Archives Without Archives: (Re)Locating and (Re)Defining the Archive Through Post-Custodial Praxis,” in Critical Archive Studies, eds. Michelle Caswell, Ricardo Punzalan, and T-Kay Sangwand. Special issue, Journal of Critical Library and Information Studies 1, no.2 (2017). DOI: 10.24242/jclis.v1i2.29  (26 pages)

Due for MARCH 5th: Blog Reflection

Choose one of the project/s below or your own, and consider the following questions in a reflection post on our class blog and posted the evening before we meet. Include in your reflection on the digital project responses to the following: What need or opportunity motivated the creation of the digital archive or collection? Who is the intended audience, and what technical or design choices make that audience explicit? What is the relationship between the creator of the archive project and the materials? What are the technologies used? What skills would you need to develop a similar project? What could future projects learn from this example?

Readings (spread across next 3 weeks of visits):

  • Williams, William Proctor and Craig S. Abbot. An Introduction to Bibliographical and Textual Studies. 4th Edition. Modern Language Association: New York, 2009.
    • Introduction, pages 1-14
    • Documentary and Critical Editing , pages 74-88
    • Editorial Procedure, pages 90-107
    • PDF will be added to Commons Group Files folder